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MBE ThermaShape

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THERMA-SHAPE is an exclusive MBE device that uses an innovative synergy of radiofrequency and ultrasound to treat cellulite build-up and localized adiposity, and help shape the figure.

 This new and effective technology leaves skin looking younger, healthier and more velvety. (Cellulite build-up is one of the most common skin flaws that affect women, especially between the ages of 30 and 55. Treatments and solutions to this problem are currently being researched all over the world, but compared to numerous technologies that are now outdated and the limited efficacy of cosmetic treatments, THERMA-SHAPE is undoubtedly the most innovative and effective..

The synergy

It works by combining radio frequency and ultrasound, a synergy that guarantees amazing results:(• radio frequency warms the surface tissue, making the skin look healthy and velvety;(• the cavitation effect of the ultrasonic waves boosts these thermal effects, helping them penetrate the skin where cellulite is formed, and stimulating lipolysis and the drainage of fats.

This highly effective twin action is the ideal formula for reshaping the figure. Moreover, treatment is simple, painless, non-invasive and does not affect the customer’s daily activities. And the results can be seen right from the very first sessions!

The treatments

Treatment is performed using three handpieces, each with its own specific functions:(1. the large handpiece combines photodynamic stimulation with radio frequency and ultrasound;(2. the medium handpiece combines radio frequency and ultrasound with a “detoxifying” photodynamic action;(3. the small handpiece is used to create radio frequency and a soothing photodynamic action.(Each handpiece corresponds to one or a series of preset function programs that include the following treatments:(SKIN ATONY(DRAINAGE(STRETCH-MARKS(ADIPOSE TISSUE(FLABBY EDEMATOUS CELLULITE(FIBROUS CELLULITE(FIBROMYOLOGY(THERMORELAX

The device can also be programmed by the operator to create specific, personalized treatment programs. So it offers maximum freedom of manoeuvre too!(All treatments include the application of a special fluid created by the Maya Beauty R&D laboratories.

The technology



Radiofrequency consists of the emission of electromagnetic waves. In beauty care these waves are applied to the body in order to carry energy and heat deep into the skin without altering the epidermis in any way.(Applying radiofrequency produces a number of beneficial biological effects on the treated tissue and stimulates physiological processes that have slowed down to return to normal functioning.(More specifically, releasing a carefully monitored quantity of energy on the skin creates an endothermic effect that has a very positive effect on the lymph and vascular systems and on the adipose-connective structures.(More specifically these positive effects include:(- Reducing veno-lymph stasis phenomena: (- Improving drainage(- Accelerating fat metabolism(- Stimulating fibroblasts and consequently creating an effective firming effect(- Improving skin tone



Ultrasound consists of the emission of high frequency sound waves applied to human skin tissue. (The lipolytic action typical of ultrasound “micromassages” the skin at the adipose cell level, dissolving the fat contained in it. The advantages can be seen in terms of:(1. Fats being mobilized and cell tissue trophism restored (2. Tissue metabolism being restored(3. Fats being reduced (4. Collagen fibres being broken up with a fibrolytic effect(5. Increased oxygen supply and tissue nutrition



Photodynamic energy is based on the emission of a beam of light.(As demonstrated by medical research, photostimulation is extremely useful in reconditioning skin damaged by the various phenomena caused by venous and lymph stasis. According to the wavelength emitted, photodynamic energy has a number of different effects, including:(- Photostimulation (red): stimulates fibroblasts considerably, consequently reinforcing and restructuring the dermis. When used in synergy with radiofrequency and ultrasound it also improves skin tone and tissue elasticity.(- Photodetoxification (yellow): has a detoxifying and draining action on the skin tissue and is therefore very useful for treating cellulite build up.(- Photorelaxation (blue): calms and normalizes skin tissue and is ideal for wellness programs.